Thomas Tsakounis


Sometimes the act of moving through your day is not as simple as you wished it would be. You may feel filled with anxiety, fear, disappointment or loss. Perhaps you are unsure about your relationship or you find yourself unsure about how to be in relationship with others. Maybe you find yourself wondering about your identity or you are developing your identity? Does your identity relate to your sexuality? All of these ideas may leave you feeling conflicted because you consider yourself a private person but you also want to talk to someone? People are surprised how much better they feel when they talk to someone. Some describe feeling as if a weight has been lifted and are encouraged to move ahead. Some people discover a self-identity once lost. Whichever the case, feel rest assured that you will be in a safe, nurturing and supportive environment. As a professional counselor with years of experience, I offer you clinical expertise and training, as a pastoral counselor I have the added advantage of addressing your spirituality as it may relate to your goals in counseling. My practice is holistically oriented and my promise to you is to respect you as an individual.

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