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  1. I wonder whether there is any possibility of arranging for Paul Elliot Russell to speak at the festival. He is a professor at Vassar College and the author of several novels that I have recently read: “Immaculate Blue”, “Boys of Life” and “Salt Point” (which is on my reading list), among others. I am currently reading “The Unreal Life of Sergey Nabakov”. I finf his work to be extremely compelling.


  2. Definitely going to come out a help support when I can!!! Super excited now that I know the dates!!! Helped do this with family when I was just a kid!!! LOL can’t wait to tell my Mom I’m getting back into the swing of things.

  3. Is this event still open to volunteer, I live in Woodbridge and open to volunteer and meet people.
    Maurice Wiggins

    • Hi Maurice, thanks for reaching out. Currently for this volunteer night we are at capacity but you are welcome to sign up for the other upcoming volunteer nights.

  4. Odd that the senior members in the picture were not identified. I know three of the older men and know they are not closeted. The man on the right is also a friend of the group.

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