Support & Discussion Groups

Support & Discussion Groups

Support Groups
Support Groups

This list indicates when groups usually meet.  Please check with the group to confirm meeting date and time.

Center Bi+ Roundtable

Bisexual & Pansexual

Third Tuesday of the month

7:00 PM

Coffee and Conversation

Older LGBT Adults

Every Monday

10:00 AM

Center Aging Lunch

Older LGBT Adults

Fourth Friday of the month

12:00 PM

Coming Out Group

Folks who are coming out!

Second Tuesday of the month

7:00 PM

Center Global Dinner

Only for asylees & refugees

Third Saturday of the month

5:00 PM

Gay District

GBTQ Men, 18-35

First & Third Saturdays

8:30 PM

Genderqueer DC

People outside the binary

Fourth Tuesday of the month

7:00 PM

Job Club

Job seekers

Every Wednesday

6:00 PM

South Asian LGBT Group

South Asian LGBT Community

Third Saturday of the month

1:30 PM

People with Disabilities Meetup

LGBTQIA People w/ Disabilities

Second Saturday of the Month

1:00 PM

Parents, Friends, and Family

Third Monday of the month

7:00 PM

Poly Discussion Group

People who want to discuss Poly

Third Thursday of the month

7:00 PM

Queer API Support Group

Asian Pacific Islander LGBT

First Thursday of the month

7:00 PM starting 1/4/2018

Trans Support Group

Trans community, + friends/allies

First Friday / Second Tuesday

7:00 PM

Women Working Through Trauma

Queer Women

Every other Tuesday, 6PM

Registration Required


Women in their 20’s and 30’s

Second and fourth Fridays

8:00 PM

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