Alex Dykes is a mortgage loan officer who brings a wealth of business knowledge to lending in the DMV. He is skilled in listening closely and understanding each client’s needs, and also excels at managing finances. Passionate about first-time home buyers and people buying under difficult circumstances, including renovation and 100% financing loans, Alex goes that extra mile to support his clients, always thinking about their future success.

He holds a B.S. in Economics from George Mason University and enjoys hiking, cooking, and traveling with his husband Mark. Alex is excited to help you start the path to your dream home with a home mortgage, refinance, jumbo, or renovation loan in Virginia, Maryland, Washington D.C., Pennsylvania, or North Carolina.

Blume Theory is a boutique consulting agency focused on helping people grow with authenticity. We know growing a business or career can be tough, so we are here to help. We specialize in providing coaching, strategic planning, and data support for small businesses, entrepreneurs, and individuals with big dreams and limited resources—especially those within communities of color. By embodying our values (simplicity, honesty, quality, and equity), we strive to be a “one-stop shop” for people building inspiring and sustainable businesses and careers. Please visit our website to learn more about the services we provide!

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I only have one goal: give you the knowledge you need to protect your income,
eliminate your debt and create a long-lasting financial legacy.

From lowering your taxes to paying off debt without spending more to leveraging
tax-free income growth strategies, I am committed to helping you increase your
financial I.Q.

No matter where you are on your financial journey – life has a way of throwing
lemons at you, and having a solid financial plan can ensure you always know how
to make lemonade.

No matter if there’s an unexpected death. A recession. Inflation.
You can have a plan that gives you more peace of mind so you can sleep soundly
at night.

You don’t have to let these worries keep consuming you. Not when you have
agents of change ready to share the knowledge you need to confidently move
forward with your financial legacy.

So, schedule a complimentary consultation at cmontrella@msn.com and let’s work
together to build a financial plan for your future.

Montrella Cowan
Licensed Insurance Agent and Wealth Strategist

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The aim of Journey to Josiah is to increase the rates of adoptions and fostering of children around the world. With a mission focused on education and outreach, Journey to Josiah’s content will increase the likelihood of connecting children with deserving adults to create strong bonds and loving families.

David the founder of Journey to Josiah Inc. holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree from the University of Maryland Baltimore County in Vocal Performance and Musicology, and a Master of Music Degree in Vocal Performance from Shenandoah Conservatory.

David started his professional career as a music educator in the Archdiocese of Baltimore later moving to the Baltimore City Public School System.  After 5 years of teaching, in 2009 David moved to New York to pursue his professional operatic career.  David enjoyed 4 years of a full-time performance career.  He performed both principal and ensemble rolls with Bronx Opera, Garden State Opera and Opera Ebony.  Additionally, he enjoyed an extensive concert and recital career.

In 2013, David returned to Baltimore and to his career as a music teacher.  David’s career shifted greatly in 2017 when he took on the role of President and CEO of his family’s 70-year-old refuse removal company, Marshall Jr. Inc. After 37 years as President and CEO of Marshall Jr. Inc., Willie D.  Marshall Jr., David’s Father, retired from his position as president. Marshall Jr. Inc. is the oldest black owned refuse removal company in Baltimore County, MD.  Marshall Jr. Inc. was the 2nd formed black owned refuse removal company in Baltimore County, MD. After the passing of Mr. Andy Hill, the first black owned refuse removal owner in Baltimore County, Marshall Jr. Inc. remained.  During David’s tenure as president of Marshall Jr. Inc., he expanded the company by creating new jobs and opportunities for existing and new employees.  David furthered his initiatives by focusing his energy on the reentry population.  He created further opportunities for job training and advancement. David is a firm believer that everyone is deserving of a second chance and sound employment.  He also believes employment should be granted no matter one’s background. David had the distinct honor of serving as a facilitator for Baltimore City’s inaugural “Work Baltimore” initiative where he garnered much respect and gained great recognition.  In this role, he quickly became a much sought-after presenter for several pre-convention workshops centered around job readiness skills. In October of 2017, David was honored by the “Henrietta Lacks Legacy Group” as employer of the year.

In April of 2017, David became the adoptive dad to a then 2-week-old baby boy named Josiah.  Josiah changed the trajectory for David’s life and his purpose.  Adoption and Foster care became David’s passion as adoption was the miracle by which David became a father. David felt very strongly about the need to educate and inspire the world about the gift of adoption.  Therefore, in March of 2021, he founded Journey to Josiah Inc., a Non-Profit Organization, which is named after his son Josiah. The aim of Journey to Josiah is to increase the rates of adoptions and the fostering of children around the world. With a mission focused on education and outreach, Journey to Josiah’s content will increase the likelihood of connecting children with deserving adults to create strong bonds and loving families.  Journey to Josiah is transformational in the work that it does to support the world of adoption and foster care. In addition to his initiatives with Journey to Josiah, David sits on the Citizens Review Board for Children in the state of Maryland. Through his work on this board, he is committed to supporting efforts to provide permanence for children in foster care.

David lives his life by the lyrics of one of his favorite songs, “If I can help somebody as I pass along, then my living shall not be in vain.”


Rebecca Bauer Consulting (RBC) supports nonprofit and other mission-driven organizations in creating content and programming that strengthen school systems and support healthy youth development. RBC offers a wide range of services including content development, program management & technical assistance, learning design & facilitation, and project management. Rebecca Bauer Consulting offers content expertise in family-school partnerships, whole child development, and LGBTQ+ issues in education.


Goodwin Living at Home is the only continuing care at home program in Washington DC and Northern Virginia that empowers active, healthy adults age 55+ who want security along with the choice to stay in their homes as they age. Our customized plans make it easier to live without the worry of covering care costs or coordinating care should you need it.


Ric & Rudy have been together for over 20 years and are a very family-oriented couple. Ric & Rudy are proud Dads to a beautiful young woman, Victoria.

Both moving to Washington DC during their time in the military, Ric & Rudy have lived in the DC area for over 20 years. Rudy is a Navy Veteran of 20 years and hails from Grapevine, TX and Ric is an Army veteran who hails from Pensacola, FL.

Both Ric & Rudy have a background in the medical field.  Ric has worked in hospitals with is military training while Rudy has a background in physical therapy from his time in the Navy. During 2020 Ric & Rudy decided to change focus and follow an interest in helping others through massage. Both graduated from the American Massage & Bodywork Institute in 2021.

Ric & Rudy remain dedicated to their craft in massage therapy and continue their education learning different massage modalities. Ric & Rudy works with each client establishing the perfect therapeutic plan to achieve the clients’ goals.  Working with each client closely to ensure our client knows exactly what to expect out of each session.

When Ric & Rudy are not working with their clients to help them achieve their goals, you can find them out in their community raising money for local LGTBQ Charities, hanging out with friends, or traveling the world and simply enjoying life together.

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Dr. Wayne Bullock has been providing therapy since 2009 and have sought out extensive specialized training to be able to make sure that the experience they provide allows for you to not only reduce distressing feelings, but to improve your life beyond where you started. Dr. Bullock has spent his entire career focused on working to solve the underlying problems that cause people to feel anxious, depressed, or overwhelmed. Dr. Bullock has completed his doctorate in clinical psychology and masters in human sexuality at Widener University in 2014 and then moved to NYC to pursue two years of intensive psychoanalytic post-doctoral training. He moved to DC in 2016. He’s excited to provide exceptional therapeutic experiences helping you to reach your goals and live a more full life. Dr. Bullock specializes in LGBTQ+ concerns, sex & sexuality, trauma, depression, and anxiety.

Dr. Bullock is passionate about therapy and connecting with people who take the step to show up to do this work because he’s witnessed time and again over the last 12 years how impactful and life-changing the work is. The experience of witnessing others realize how much they have changed from the process of therapy reminds him of how much we all need someone to help us to fully see ourselves and to have a space to make changes in our lives to get where we want to go. Or sometimes to help us know where we want to go. Dr. Bullock is looking forward to meeting you, and working collaboratively on making the changes you want for a more fulfilled and meaningful life.


Arlington DC Behavior Therapy Institute are psychologists who relieve suffering and improve lives using Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) and other evidence-based treatments. Our extensive clinical, research and teaching experience combine to offer you the highest quality psychotherapy for a variety of problems. Contact us for a free 30-minute initial consultation in person or by video teletherapy.


Dr. Teeters offers a warm, compassionate, and non-judgmental therapeutic environment and believes not just in helping individuals overcome difficulties, but in helping individuals to thrive and live their best lives. His work focuses on supporting individuals to get and stay healthy, to recover from or adjust to injury or illness, manage stress, move through trauma, and/or cope with acute and chronic health and medical conditions. Dr. Teeters specializes in working with and treating individuals with gastrointestinal disorders (e.g., IBS, Crohn’s Disease, Ulcerative Colitis) and providing LGBTQIA+ affirming care. Dr. Teeters also has extensive experience in treating anxiety, depression, OCD, and trauma. He also provides compassionate and affirmative therapy with the kink, poly, and pro-sex communities.

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