Buy A Brick!

Buy a Brick and support the new home of DC’s new LGBTQ+ Community Center! In partnership with Capital Pride Alliance. Buying a Brick is a great way to offer tribute to loved ones, family members, friends, and organizations you admire. These tributes will be a permanent part of our new LGBTQ+ Center and become a reminder of not only your tribute, but the support you have provided our community. Each brick will contain your personalized message and become a permanent fixture near our Conference Center. You can choose to inscribe your name, the name of a loved one, a heartfelt message or a dedication.

Your gift will help us create a safe space and home for our community. Your support will provide our community with a home where they can socialize, learn, or be provided with essential life and human services. Your impact will allow us to provide a home to combat loneliness as well as act as a positive and safe space for our youth. Your support will encourage artistic creativity and culture through one of our many artistic programs. Your contribution will help us build a vibrant and welcoming space that will benefit the entire LGBTQIA+ Community in Washington, DC.

Prices of our commemorative bricks are based on location. Bricks located at eye level or our “Champion” Row are $2,500+. Bricks at the next four rows, or our “Benefactor” Row are $1,000 to $2,499. As we move up, Bricks at the “Advocate” Level are $500 to $999. Lastly, at the very top is our “Supporter” Row which is $250 to $499. After you have made your gift, our development team will reach out to you for your inscription. Any gift amount is greatly appreciated and will go to creating a safe space for our community! Bricks will be inscribed once the wall has been finished. When that is completed and your inscription is completed, we will notify you and invite you to our unveiling.

We invite you to be a part of this exciting project. Buy a Brick today and help us create a space that will support and uplift our community for years to come. For more information, do not hesitate to email us at and always thank you for your support! The prices below are for individual donors interested in purchasing a brick for the Family Businesses interested in buying should reach out directly to to discuss rates.