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Love Based Initiative Targets LGBTQ Youth to Counter Suicide and Depression

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, January 8, 2017 – Queer School™ is meant to serve as a no-cost training and development resource that offers support before a suicide hotline is needed by LBGTQ youth. The mission of Queer School™ is to provide holistic inner transformation from a place of wishing to a freedom of being.


On October 27, 2016 Queer School™ was first used by its founder, Asa Leveaux, as an answer to the dichotomy of what he saw at various pride festivals and gay nightclubs with the tears, rejection and fears that he and many of his friends were feeling once the party stopped. He also saw that there was a marginalized group within the already marginalized LGBTQ space. These individuals were more susceptible to feelings of being unworthy or wrong due to not possessing the standard of beauty that is so often displayed as attractive or valued. Queer School™’ has the intent to serve LGBTQ youth through its online portal of training and support that can be found at http://www.queerschool.co and taught by Queer School™ “professors” who are apart of the LGBTQ community.


On February 14, 2017 Queer School™ will launch the information-based portal as a Valentine’s gift to the LGBTQ community. The initial group of professors that will join Asa Leveaux are the following: Stephen Young, Kwame Corbett, Candace Liger, and Christian Williams. These professors range from community activists, military veterans, transgender thought leaders and psychic mediums for a truly inclusive experience. Those who are interested in what Queer School™ has to offer can sign up for a free password protected account today to take advantage of Queer Questions.



Queer School™ is an initiative sponsored by the Leveaux Foundation™ whose mission is to “enlighten the world through self love, intellectual access and wealth to make change happen where there is a need”. For more information send email correspondence to hello@queerschool.co.



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