#OutWrite2020 Exhibitor Hall

While nothing quite beats wandering the exhibitor hall in person, OutWrite is pleased to spotlight some wonderful queer creatives in this virtual setting:

Queen of Swords Press

Queen of Swords Press is an independent small press based in Minneapolis that specializes in diverse and swashbuckling tales of derring-do, bold new adventures in time and space, mysterious stories of the occult and arcane and fantastical tales of people and lands far and near. Queen of Swords is a woman and queer-owned press and our books center queer characters and stories.

Website: www.queenofswordspress.com
Twitter: @qospress
Instagram: @qospress

Jarrod Campbell

Jarrod Campbell lives and writes in the northern Virginia suburbs of Washington DC. His stories have appeared online and in print while his essays have been published monthly in a German gay male lifestyle magazine.

Website: https://jarrodcampbellauthor.com/
Twitter: @jarrodecampbell
Instagram: @1ozpublishing

Neon Hemlock Press

Neon Hemlock is a purveyor of queer chapbooks, speculative fiction & literary candles.  We are also the publishers of the winners of the 2020 OutWrite Chapbook Competition.

Website: www.neonhemlock.com
Twitter: @neonhemlock
Instagram: @neonhemlock

Crushing Colonialism

Crushing Colonialism’s mission is to uplift and tell the stories of Indigenous people through multi-media work while supporting those doing the work. Our collective is founded and operated by Indigenous people working in a variety of media fields across the world. We work to increase the pay and employment of Indigenous media makers while also promoting their work, providing funding for media projects, and increasing access to professional representation. In doing this we control our narratives in order to crush colonialism.

Website: https://www.crushingcolonialism.org/
Twitter: @CRSHColonialism
Instagram: @crushingcolonialism

Gival Press

Gival Press, LLC, an award-winning independent literary publishing house located in Arlington, Virginia, publishes fiction, non-fiction (essays / educational texts), and poetry. To promote writing, Gival Press sponsors four annual contests for fiction and poetry. Our publications are in English, French, and Spanish. We publish the work of authors (poets / writers) from many walks of life who demonstrate quality and whose work has a message, be it philosophical or social.

Website: www.givalpress.com

Hamour Baika

In 1980, as the world is captivated by the Iranian hostage crisis, aspiring doctor Hesam drops out of medical school in Rome and returns to Iran to serve his country. A member of the Revolutionary Guards Corps, he becomes a prison guard in Ahwaz, assigned to investigate and interrogate political prisoners. The more he learns about ethnic and religious tensions, however, the more he finds the concept of revolutionary justice questionable. Hesam finds solace in speaking with a defiant young prisoner with whom he develops a passionate bond. But when Hesam discovers damning evidence about the detainee, he has to choose between his political ideals and his conscience in a country where same-sex love is violently condemned. On the Enemy’s Side is contemporary historical fiction, inspired by real events during a tumultuous period preceding the Iran Iraq war.

Buy now: https://www.indiebound.org/book/9781734633726

Neon Apothecary

Neon Apothecary is a Black-owned apothecary featuring luxury candles, accessories, Hand Sanitizers and handmade goods for every lifestyle. Neon Apothecary also partners with other Black, Brown and Queer creatives to craft artisanal goods that reflect their vision.

Website: www.neonapothecary.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/neonapothecarydc/
Instagram: @neon.apothecary

Kiki Mone’t

Kiki’s debut novel is a queer memoir that re-tells stories of childhood trauma and the relationships that caused it.

Buy now: https://www.amazon.com/CRASH-Kiki-Monet/dp/B08924GYDT



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