OutWrite LGBTQ Festival Journals

OutWrite publishes an annual journal celebrating the LGBTQ+ literary festival and the diverse group of authors who make up our community. Read them below.

2022 journal

Our 2022 journal, themed “Pandemic as Portal”, will be published soon!

2021 journals

The cover of “We Got This: Black Writers on Imagination, Joy and Liberation” is shades of dark purple. “We Got This” is in a white font with orange blended in. On the bottom, there are illustrations of three Black people. One has long hair in shades of orange and black, wearing earrings and a nose ring and necklaces, one has a hair wrap, and one has a fade. They are all looking at each other.

[View PDF: We Got This-Black Writers on Imagination, Joy and Liberation]

[View PDF: Celebrating Ten Years of OutWrite]

Metro Weekly

For the past three years, Metro Weekly has featured OutWrite authors in special issues highlighting the festival. Check them out below!




Metro Weekly cover of OutWrite 2021 featured issue


Metro Weekly cover of OutWrite 2020 featured issue