Center Associates

We depend on the donations of generous supporters to maintain the services and programs of the DC Center for the LGBT Community. We now offer the opportunity to join the DC Center family with a small monthly donation through PayPal. Become a Center Associate by donating $10 or more a month.

Our Current Supporters

Center Founders ($100 or more monthly pledge)

Michael Fowler & John E. Nappi, Esq.
Patrick Menasco
David Merrill
Tony Phelps
Michael Sessa

Center Leaders ($50 monthly pledge)

Heather Blersch
Robert Gladstone & Adam Shapiro
Shaun Hardy (donations go to Center Global)
Rehana Mohammed and Tirna Singh
Michael Aihart

Center Partners ($25 or more monthly pledge)

Rebecca Bauer
Jamieson Brill
Alexandra Chandler
Charles Chesson
Matt Corso (donations go to Center Global)
Tiera Craig
Steffan DeClue (donations go to Center Global)
Carlos Durana
Kevin Giddens
Jonathan Gilad
Robert Gladstone & Adam Shapiro
Mitchell David Goldstein
Gwen Harter
Marian Belinda Jordan
Lance Macon
Melinda Michels
Brant Miller
Taylor Monson
William Monson
Michael Porcello
Thomas Staley (donations go to Youth Working Group)
Devon Trotter
Bob Summersgill
Bryan Weiner (donations go to Center Global)
Andrew Zapfel

Center Associates ($10 or more monthly pledge)

Edward Ameen (donations go to Youth Working Group)
Jason Asher
John Clark
William Frankenstein
Joel Kornreich
Jason Laney
Adam Lewis
James Lytle
Eric Scharf (donations go to Center Global)
Alla Shevchenko
Thomas Scott
Robert Dogan
Andre Mansion