Weekly Fresh Produce Program

The DC Center has partnered with Hungry Harvest to provide our community members with fresh farm produce. Register below for a chance to receive a fresh produce box. (Supplies are limited so we are currently using a system In which we randomly select from RSVPs to make sure food is fairly distributed).

You are required to register weekly to grab a spot as produce is limited. Registrations open every Monday at Noon (12 PM). To be more fair with who is receiving boxes, we are moving to a lottery system. People will be informed on Wednesday at 5:00 pm if they are picked to receive a produce box this week.  No proof of residency or income is required etc.

Current Week’s Registration – Thursday, May 2nd – Registration

Please note that masks are mandatory to enter the building, if you do not have a mask, one will be provided to you. For questions, email: supportdesk@thedccenter.org or call 202-682-2245