Washington DC’s Historic Gay Leather, Levi, Rubber, Uniform, Gear and Jock Bar. All are welcome – Jeans and a T-Shirt work great too.



Let’s face it, getting in shape isn’t easy. It is hard. At evolution, we are dedicated to not making it any harder than it already is. Our 2,000+ sq/ft. private facility offers a comfortable, non-intimidating environment where the most qualified trainers all “know your name”.

Achieving your fitness goals, however, is not a spa treatment. There are absolutely no river rocks or apricot facials at Evolution! Instead we accomplish results by listening to you. During your initial fitness assessment you will sit down with Jack and discuss what changes you would like to make along with what has worked or not worked for you in the past. Next you are paired with a trainer. Because I believe personalizing fitness is key to success, you will develope a relationship with one and only one trainer who will be at your side every step of the way. When the training ceases to become a dreadfull experience but more of a challenging, incredibly rewarding time spent with a friend, you’ll know you’ve Evolved!


The ZAVOS JUNCKER LAW GROUP, PLLC represents clients in adoption, assisted reproductive technology, custody and visitation, divorce and dissolution, estate planning, including Wills and Powers of Attorney, family formation, LGBT issues, parentage, probate, surrogacy and transgender issues. We also understand that there are many kinds of families and that the structure of a family may change over time. We are experienced in addressing all legal issues arising out of family relationships. In addition to speaking English, Farsi, French, Spanish & Romanian, we have experience working with members of the Deaf community and will provide interpreters at no cost to our clients.


Our mission is to help clients maintain financial viability in the present, while taking a proactive approach to achieve future goals. This requires open communication to reach an understanding of our clients’ needs through research and sound analysis.


As a licensed independent clinical social worker (LICSW) with more than twenty years of experience, one thing I have learned is that we are all doing the best we can and sometimes we just need a little help. Wherever you are in your journey, I offer compassionate and affirming counseling and support.

Adults often consult with me for help making sense of their relationships with friends, partner, and family. Managing stress, anxiety, self-doubt, and sadness are also issues we can work on together. I also consult with parents and families who may need help connecting with their child/teen or young adult. Specialized services are also offered for parents & families and their gender-expansive/trans children, teens and young adults.

As an individual, couple and family systems therapist I specialize in transitions across the life cycle. Please reach out by text, phone or email so we can talk about how I can help you.



Metropolitan Wellness Center is the only licensed medical cannabis/marijuana dispensary located in Southeast D.C. Our ten years combined experience has given us a front row seat to the values of cannabis as a medicine for those seeking a greater quality of life in the midst of battling disease. In 2013, Washington D.C. launched its legal medical cannabis program to provide a healthy and viable alternative to traditional prescription medications. MWC offers safe access to cannabis and paraphernalia for individuals with HIV/AIDS, Cancer, Glaucoma, Multiple Sclerosis, or conditions of severe and persistent muscle spasms. We strive to offer the best in quality, safety, care, sensitivity, and professionalism to our members, the surrounding community, and to the medical cannabis industry as a whole.


Bang is a full-service hair salon offering everything from fashion forward cutting techniques to the most current color trends at four locations in DC.



Ty has been a top-producing agent in the DC metro market for more than 17 years, In addition, he has worked in Los Angeles for several years and between the two areas, he has been consistently recognized as a top producer since his auspicious start in 2000.

Honest, resolute and knowledgeable, Ty’s focus on customer service and up-to-the-minute market tracking have earned him a sterling reputation as one of the industry’s finest. Along with his business partner, Sheila Mooney, the two are known for saving their clients’ valuable time thus resulting in an effortless experience.

Ty has lived in several DC neighborhoods including Dupont Circle, U Street, Capitol Hill, and Adams Morgan. Having been a resident in these areas has provided him with a comprehensive knowledge of and an insider status of the neighborhoods he serves. He currently resides in the Kalorama neighborhood in Washington, DC.

Ty received his Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree, graduating with honors from The University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. He was fortunate to have worked professionally as an actor appearing in leading stage roles throughout the country. In addition, he earned his Master’s Degree in Education from The George Washington University and taught third grade at Somerset Elementary School in Montgomery County.

Hailing from a small town in Ohio, Ty is the youngest of 6 children and grew up in a blue-collar family where he nurtured the value of hard work as a way to distinguish himself from others – a key driver in his dedication to integrity and professionalism with his clients.

Ty is involved in many local charities including the Whitman Walker Clinic, Martha’s Table and the SITAR Center for Performing Arts.


Day Translations is an international online translation service. We provide document translation, certified translations, over-the-phone and in-person interpreting and localization services. We specialize in languages and our global team is driven by a passion for culture that transcends every document we translate and every customer experience we create. Our mission is to help preserve languages and heritage around the globe, improving worldwide communication and promoting greater intercultural understanding.

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Zamani & Associates PLLC is a family law firm established to help clients start, grow, restructure and plan for their families, and to unwind marriages and long-term committed relationships in a thoughtful, holistic and practical manner. We are committed to helping you accurately understand your options and achieve the best resolution possible in your specific circumstances. Zamani & Associates PLLC is located in Washington, D.C. and services families in the District of Columbia and Maryland.

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