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Welcome to The DC Center’s Center Arts Gallery
Featuring All Genres of Art created by LGBTQ Artisans

Our second installation

Features the work


Jo Martinez

“He She”
 Jo Martinez is a New York -born, Virginia- based artist that works on mixed media art. In 2000, she had her first solo exhibition at the Art Center in Miami Beach, South Florida. Her work has been exhibited and supported at the Women’s Center of Jacksonville, FL.

Jo’s art centers primarily on topics of sexuality, psychological and gender identity with recurring themes of power, vulnerability, domestic violence and the sway between them, Jo has worked as an Art freelancer since 1999. In addition, Jo collaborates and works closely with the D.C. Center in Washington D.C.

Her latest work is visible here

Click on the tarot cards to view the entire deck online

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Come visit The DC Center to check out Jo’s work including her original Tarot Card Deck
“The Fools Journey”
Full Decks are $65.00.
4X6 Individual Tarot Cards are $5.00
and Amazing pieces of artwork


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