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Welcome to The DC Center’s Center Arts Gallery
Featuring All Genres of Art created by LGBTQ Artisans

Please Join us on April 7th at 7pm when

Center Arts Gallery welcomes

the freeform work of

Kristal McLaughlin


“Kontrolled Khaos”

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Kristal M. McLaughlin is a self-taught abstract artist, poet, designer, and actress located in Washington, DC. Growing up, she saw the world differently, mainly because the world saw her differently. Influenced by life experiences, adversities, her own sense of fashion (because she’s 6’3), art became her FREE therapist and stylist.

Viewing life from a different lens and working with people from different social-economic and ethnic backgrounds, her passion for art was shaped, creating “Kontrolled Khaos™.” She believes that all of our lives, to an extent, is Khaotic, but it can be Kontrolled. Her art illustrates just that!

DC Cunt
Vagina Roses



Receiving a Master’s in Psychology, she uses her art as therapy for herself and others, especially her daughter, Sage. Her Art is intended to be subjective, thought provoking, sometimes invasive, and yet beautiful. With no formal training in art, she credits her love for art from her brother, Vincent. As a child, she would sit down and with him and sketch out everything, mimicking her big brother. Being open to various forms of Art, you will often find her with a pencil to paper sketching out her thoughts. When drawing is not an option, you may find her either designing her own jewelry/fashion accessories; coining the phrase, “Be Your Different.”


She is also a licensed Loctician and fashion stylist to a prominent Natural Hair Stylist in the DMV area, with her work shown in a number of hair magazines. Last, if she is not drawing, designing, or just being different, you may find her on the stage acting. Her latest performance was the 2018 Vagina Monologues East of the River, DC.

Although she is proud of ALL of her work and accomplishments, she is most proud of the artwork for the 2018 Vagina Monologues for Washington, D.C. and Sacramento, Ca. She wanted to she the world that women are strong, women are the creators, women are sexual, and lastly, WE’RE JUST beautiful.

Because she’s sensitive about her Art, you can call her Kristal aka Ms. Bald-Du


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