GLAA 46th Anniversary Award Reception: Celebrate with us as we launch a new generation of advocacy!

Date: 04/20/17
Time: 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm
Location: Policy Restaurant and Lounge

Please join us at our 46th anniversary awards reception on April 20 at Policy Restaurant and Lounge as we honor the distinguished service of activists José Gutierrez, Rev. Cedric A. Harmon, and Mara Keisling. You can RSVP via PayPal at or by using our anniversary flyer. Our liberal city, where no anti-gay or anti-trans bills are even introduced in the D.C. Council, is still targeted by the same anti-democratic forces behind the wave of religious supremacy bills misnamed “religious freedom” in statehouses across the country. The continued congressional meddling in our local affairs is one reason we are part of a nationwide effort to fight back. We are working with allies including Congresswoman Norton to guard against this and other congressional mischief. We are eager for you to meet our new officers dedicated to meeting new challenges. Those challenges were outlined in our policy brief, Building on Victory. It was part of our Election Project in which we quizzed D.C. Council candidates on our issues. Coalitions, expertise, and engagement with policymakers are key to GLAA’s 46 years of success.

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