LGBTQ Aging Focus Group (and Caregivers)

LGBTQ Aging Focus Group (and Caregivers)


May 25, 2017    
5:00 pm - 6:30 pm


The DC Center
2000 14th Street NW, Suite 105, Washington, DC, 20009, DC

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Get it off your chest!  Mayor Bowser is sponsoring a series of focus groups and listening sessions to identify ways to make D.C. a better place to age.    So far, input from the LGBTQ community has been sparse.  Does this mean LGBTQ people don’t care or think about aging issues?  We think not!

On May 25th, at 5:00 pm, the “Center Aging” Program of the D.C. Center will convene a group LGBTQ individuals, of any age, to help identify the unique needs of the LGBTQ community as we age.   Sandwiches and sodas will be provided for registered attendees.

Are you, or someone you know, feeling socially isolated?  Have you ever experienced ageism from the LGBTQ community?  Do you always feel respected?  How will you meet friends as you age?  What types of social activities will you enjoy when you’re older?   Have you ever felt excluded because you are older or LGBTQ?  Is providing care for someone (like your mother) limiting your life?

Will you be able to live forever in your current housing?  Will you be able to find appropriate housing in an accepting community?  Does your home need improvements to make it fully accessible to someone with mobility challenges?  What if you become disabled or need home-care?  Who will take care of you, and will they be LGBTQ-friendly?  Do you worry about falling on a crumbling sidewalk or crossing a street?  Walking at night?

Will you always work full-time?  How do you find fulfilling and meaningful volunteer opportunities?  Do you worry about someone taking advantage of you as you age?

Tell Mayor Bowser what you will need as you age.


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