Feldenkrais and Occupational Therapy Services


I offer you the benefits of the With the FeldenkraisĀ® method of somatic education both in self- pay individual or group sessions and in the frame of Occupational Therapy services (insurance covered). With the FeldenkraisĀ® method of somatic education, you will learn to move more easily, efficiently, and less painfully. You will learn a lot about your actions and your body, your thinking and your habits. FeldenkraisĀ® works with the newest neuroplasticity research and the joy of movement. You will refine your kinesthetic sense and sensory awareness using gentle movements. Occupational therapy assists in adjusting and adapting to life changes; finding alternative ways to perform daily activities and restore functions. These can include dressing, bathing, personal hygiene, sexual activity, eating, meal preparation, home management and pet care. We will look at your sleep and rest habits and work and leisure performance. The goal is to promote health and participation in all aspects of life. To be better aware of your body and your habits is a great first step to get rid of stress injuries. With gentle hands on teaching in a quiet and safe environment, you will learn to regain healthful movements and good habits to for all aspects of your daily living.

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