Reel Affirmations Film Festival Screening: Boys Shorts

Date: 11/03/18
Time: 10:00 pm - 11:30 pm
Location: Gala Hispanic Theatre

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Boys Boys Boys!!!!!!

Directed by Various Directors
Various Countries/Various Genres/ 85 mins

Unfortunately this film does not have a trailer


Check out Boys Short Films And the Art of the Hookup!

The films in this showcase:

First Time/Director: Jared Collins
Silverlake Afternoon/Director: Michael Osborne
Routine/Director: Wes Akwuobi
Fish Tank/Director: Neal Mulani
The Daytime Doorman/Director: Cosimo Santoro
Just Past Noon On A Tuesday/Director: Cosimo Santoro
Hairy Tales/ Director: Pablo Oliverio

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