Center Faith – Interfaith Intersectional Forum

Center Faith - Interfaith Intersectional Forum


September 14, 2021    
7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

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Our History. Your History. Why it matters.

Join Center Faith for the next stage in documenting our DC LGBT history. In this Forum, we will hear from panelists who participated in the AIDS Names Project Quilt in 1987. The impact of the National Quilt Coming to Washington, DC our hometown, cannot be underestimated. At a time when the HIV pandemic was breaking out, being out was still dangerous, meeting the needs of individuals, family and friends led to to the formation of Center Faith. This panel offers reflections of that crucible of challenge and change.

Note: Center Faith is leading an LGBTQ Interfaith History Project with a goal of training 100 Activist Archivists to document 50+ community organizations in the Washington, DC area to preserve the LGBT affirming history of their own spiritual communities in preparation to celebrate Center Faith’s 40th Anniversary.

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  1. As a marshall for the NAMES Project AIDS Quilt in 1987, I helped wih display of the quilt and guided people to patches of loved ones.
    Marshall for subsequent displays of the NPAQ on the Ellipse in 1988, Ellipse in 1989, National Mall in 1992, National Mall in 1996.
    Organizer, March on Washington for Lesbian & Gay Rights in 1973, and March on Washington for Gay & Lesbian Rights in 1987.

    On the quilt in 1987, I found patches for:
    childhood friend Bruce Weintraub, 1952-1985 (he was nominated for an Academcy Award for Best Art Direction for “The Natural”).
    high school friend Mark Feldman, 1952 -1983. (one of 1st 50 men diagnosed in San Francisco, he coined term “Person with AIDS”).
    STONEWALL VETERANS ASSOCIATION, Executive Committee Member and Washington, D.C. Liaison, 2009-present; GAY LIBERATION
    FRONT, Activist, 1969-1971; SENIOR ACTION IN A GAY ENVIRONMENT, Cofounder & Counsel, 1977-1978; NATIONAL GAY TASK FORCE,
    Volunteer Coordinator, 1978-1982; BROADWAY CARES/ACTORS EQUITY FIGHTS AIDS, Washington, D.C. Fundraiser, 1988-1992; BiNET
    USA, Organizer, 1992-1993; FEDERAL GAY LESBIAN OR BISEXUAL EMPLOYEES, Cofounder, 1988 (Chapters: GAO, 1992; FMS,1996).

    AMERICAN CIVIL LIBERTIES UNION OF NORTHERN VIRGINIA, Board Member, 1984-1993. Persuaded the Arlington County government
    to extend its human rights ordinance to Gays and Lesbians in 1989, thirty years before similar rights were granted statewide in 2020.

    Stonewall@50 Documentary. Interviewed by Elisa Guarino, NYU Department of Media Production, New York, NY, November 29, 2018.
    Spiegel’s Greenwich Burg Address. Speech to SVA on 40th Anniversary of Christopher Street Liberation Day March, NY, June 26, 2010.


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