Center Global Virtual Pride Celebration

Center Global Virtual Pride Celebration


June 24, 2020    
8:30 pm

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Center Global will be holding a Virtual Pride Celebration on Wednesday, June 24th at 7:00PM. Our theme is “What Does Pride Mean to You?” We invite volunteers to share their stories or artistic talents with us (dancing, singing, spoken word).
We encourage volunteers to share stories about how volunteering has impacted them or their own experiences with asylum. Speakers & Performers will have 5-8 minute time slots, which can be pre-recorded if it is more convenient.
If you have any questions, please email Geoffrey Louden at
Click here to participate 


“Center Global serves the needs of LGBT individuals in the Washington, DC area as they move through the asylum-seeking process. Our program participants are from Africa, Latin America, the Caribbean, the MENA region, Eastern Europe, Russia, and Southeast Asia—representing more than 50 countries. Center Global serves these individuals by: 1) fundraising to help support LGBT asylum seekers, as federal funding is not available to them, 2) creating a welcoming environment and providing community for LGBT asylum seekers, as they may not be welcomed by their own diasporas, and 3) raising awareness about the human rights situation and persecution of LGBT people in other countries.

At any one time, we have about 30 program participants in different stages of the asylum process. We offer legal assessments and referrals, limited financial assistance, and most importantly, a peer community where they find safety, freedom, and emotional support. Center Global works in partnership with local social-service agencies to ensure that participants receive caring and dignified support.”


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