Facilitator Training (Virtual)

Facilitator Training (Virtual)


July 15, 2023    
12:00 pm - 2:00 pm


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There can be many challenges associated with facilitating a support group, even more because of COVID-19. Groups are changing the way they connect with clients and people in need of support. Many of our peer support groups are using Zoom to host their meetings in a way that’s convenient and accessible.

We understand this is a new way of doing things, even for experienced facilitators, and this facilitator training will focus on best practices for using Zoom along with virtual facilitator skills in addition to our the standard facilitator 101 guide.  This training will help establish the basics of how to lead virtual support groups, as well as how to build a safe space where everyone is able to share their voices and be heard. The first hour will be geared towards introductory material, while the second hour will invite current facilitators to share situations and best practices.

Group leaders and facilitators that operate support groups within the DC Center, as well as those interested in becoming a facilitator, are encouraged to come to learn, share challenges and solutions.

Please send an email to justin@thedccenter.org if you have any questions, topics you’re interested in discussing, or concerns.

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