Free Social Anxiety Workshop

Free Social Anxiety Workshop


July 30, 2021    
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

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Free Social Anxiety Workshop
When:   Friday, July 30, 7pm-9pm
Where: Online on Zoom (you will be sent location details when you register)
Shy? Unassertive? Self-conscious? Easily embarrassed? Closeted? Anxious about coming/being out? Socially withdrawn, avoidant or isolated? Fearful of speaking in groups? Performance anxiety? Stage fright? Difficulty meeting people or forming relationships? Sexual anxiety? Pee shy?
Free workshop on social anxiety: learn what social anxiety is, what causes and maintains it, it’s special effects on LGBT people, and the cognitive-behavioral therapy approach to overcoming it. No one will be required to speak or interact at the workshop. This is an educational workshop, not a therapy session.
YOU MUST PRE-REGISTER FOR THIS WORKSHOP. To register, visit this web page,, or call Larry Cohen, LICSW, 202-244-0903. Zoom links will be provided after you register.
Note: this workshop is open to anyone who is socially anxious, not only LGBTQ folks. I am openly gay and will discuss at the workshop LGBTQ issues as they relate to social anxiety.

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  1. Thank you so much for offering this!! It’s so glad to know there’s a whole community of us out there dealing with this same challenge that we don’t understand or how to cope with in a healthy way.


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