Intro to Mindfulness

Intro to Mindfulness Course

Date: 07/26/18
Time: 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm
Location: The DC Center

Mindfulness is a popular buzzword today but do you know what it really means and how it might be helpful to you? How might mindfulness help you manage stress, be more resilient and develop greater presence?
Join us for this intro to mindfulness course where we will explore what mindfulness is and what benefits it holds for you in your life. Designed for people who are new to mindfulness practices as we as for people who want to deepen their knowledge and practice. We will explore mindfulness of the body, thoughts and emotions and help participants develop simple, accessible practices they can use on their own.
Bill Pullen, President of BPA Coaching and Consulting, Program Director of the Leadership Coaching Program at Georgetown University and a meditation teacher who learned meditation with some of the country’s best teachers. He is excited to share what he’s learned and practiced for years with the LGBTQ community.


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