MyGift SoulCollage™

MyGift SoulCollage™


November 28, 2020    
11:00 am - 3:00 pm


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Center Women is partnering with Christina Cappelletti, artist and therapist, to bring this restorative opportunity to you, to benefit the DC Center for the LGBT Community.

A certified SoulCollage™ facilitator, Christina will guide you in an introspective journey to rediscover your passion and purpose, and then keep the Zoom window open with music in the background while you find images and collage a card to reveal this important part of who you are. Then all will re-gather on-screen for a Witness Circle to share collages and insights before closing our journey together.

Easy and fun to create, your MyGift card will carry you through the holidays and forward into the new year with a profound and renewed appreciation of your talents and purpose. You will LOVE your SoulCollage card!

Prepare: Set up a special space and time for yourself to really relax into this virtual gathering. You are encouraged to set your space with the lighting and ambiance you prefer, something nourishing to drink and nibble, and plenty of space to spread out your images and make your collage. Non-judgmental zone: There is no wrong way to do this piece.

Supplies Needed: Collect magazines and other sources of images (old books, calendars, prints, online printouts, etc). (If you don’t have magazines, ask your neighbors, family, friends, local businesses with waiting rooms, etc. if you can have a few of their old issues.) Whatever you decide to use will be fine. The process we will use to choose images will be more intuitive than intellectual.
Also collect scissors, glue, tape, and one piece of stiff paper, cardboard, mat board — you can even re-purpose cereal or cracker boxes for this, since you’ll likely be covering up the images with your own. Or you can paint a background color on them ahead of time. The size is up to you. At least 5×8 inches panel is recommended.


Bookings are closed for this event.

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