Self Love and Compassion Intro

Self Love and Compassion Intro


January 5, 2022    
7:30 pm - 9:00 pm

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Self Love and Compassion are the foundations of any healthy, loving relationship. Polls taken at our intro nights reflect that over half of us feel unlovable, unworthy or undeserving. That’s so sad! But not a surprise. Whether it’s a bad childhood, the negative messages we’ve received as an adult, the impact of a bad relationship, or just our own internalized stuff from a culture that does not see women (let alone lesbians) as equals, but as subservient to men, that should “put others first” and “serve.” Not to mention that as humans, our brains are wired for threat, for what’s wrong, for what’s not working.

So there’s a lot to overcome here! Please join me, Cynthia, MCC, and Aimee Shapiro, LCSW, for a free mini masterclass to learn how to overcome this and literally begin the process of rewiring your brain! This class will be a taste of the longer 6 week masterclass.

Here’s what past graduates have had to say about Self Love & Compassion:

“The concepts are powerful.”
“I liked the camaraderie and the feeling of not being alone.”
“A good part of my therapy has been talking with all of you.”
“I need to stop tackling the small fires, but figure out what’s causing them.”
“I now have a higher opinion of myself.”

100% of graduates say they would recommend this workshop to a friend!

Find out more by coming to this free intro.

Self Love & Compassion is the first masterclass in the Love Essentials series. It gives you the foundation to do the deeper work that comes later. It will run for 6 Wednesday evenings, 7:30-9 pm EST, 4:30-6 pm PST, Jan 19 – Feb 23.

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