Gender and Name Change Legal Seminar – Virtual

Gender and Name Change Legal Seminar - Virtual


January 19, 2022    
5:30 pm

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Please join Mr. Richard Tappan (attorney) and Mrs. Miranda Shipman (paralegal) for a pro bono legal seminar giving legal advice/speaking on the importance of a lawyer community in the LGBTQ community. This can include, but not limited to, name and gender changes. This is a great seminar for transitioning transgender people and anyone else who needs LGBTQ related legal advice.  This is a onetime event so don’t miss out. Mrs. Shipman and her wife will be attending to give an inside view of the difficulties of the community in the legal field. Mr. Tappan, Mrs. Shipman, and the firm, WhitbeckBennett, will offer free services and discounted services to those in need of legal help.

You can learn more about Rich Tappan and WB Law through the links below:

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