Meet Chris

This is a weekly newsletter to put a face to the staff at the DC Center. Every week we will be featuring a staff member. This week, meet Chris! Chris is our Office Administrator. He is in charge of the administrative and office support activities , making updates to the DC Center website, and disseminating information through our social media sites, including Facebook and Twitter.

Chris Rothermel

June 4, Gemini

Why did you start working at The DC Center?

I started working at the DC Center to get involved and support the local LGBTQ+ community. I knew the DC Center did a lot of different things, and I wanted to help organize.  


What is music anthem?

Rhiannon by Stevie Nicks or Xanadu by Olivia Newton John would be my anthem.


What is your favorite part about the LGBTQ+ community?

My favorite part of the LGBTQ+ community is that it is constantly growing and evolving.


What is your favorite spot in DC and what do you do there?

My favorite spot in DC is my home with my cats.  I like to play video games and nap. A close tie for second place would be Cusbah or Sticky Rice on H St. NE, I like to eat there.  


What do you think the LGBTQ+ community needs to improve on?

I think the LGBTQ+ community needs to be better about being inclusive and supporting each other. I also think the community could use its collective power to create systemic change better.


What is your favorite Queer movie?

My favorite Queer movie is Better than Chocolate.


What has been your favorite moment while working in The DC Center?

My favorite moment working at the DC Center is when I learn something new.


What clothing item is a staple in your wardrobe?

I like to wear expensive ties and underwear that I didn’t pay full price for.


What color would you paint the White House, given the chance?

I think I would like a Blue House instead.


Who do you most look up to in the queer community?

I look up to everyone that has the courage to devote their lives to standing up for people who don’t have a voice in society at the expense of their own safety and comfort. Charles King, JD Davids, Aryka Chapman, Ruby Corado, David Mariner, Kaytee Ray-Reik, and Michael Rajner are the first few people that come to the forefront of my mind.

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