Paid research opportunity for Transgender and Gender Nonconforming Individuals

Short Survey for Individuals who are Transgender or Gender Nonconforming – earn a $10 gift card

Currently looking for participants who identify as trans or gender nonconforming and are at least 19 years old for a research study about mental health, resiliency, well-being, and experiences of stigma. Participants are asked to complete a brief set of questions, which is expected to take 30 minutes. Participants will earn a $10 gift card for their time.

To find out more and access the survey, please go to:

This research is being conducted by Debra Hope, a researcher at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln ( and the TransCollaborations team, a community-based research partnership with TGNC communities in traditionally underserved areas ( This research has been approved by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s IRB: Protocol 17415. Deb and her team can be reached at

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  1. Hi, OMG, I completely forgot about you guys. I came in last year before the pandemic and spoke to a very nice person, and she gave me a tour. Well, here we are over a year later. I have been on HRT for almost six months, my name is legally changed to Lisa, and I get my second vaccine dosage tomorrow😊. Send me an email, I may have some resources for you. I’m a chess player, and during the pandemic I started running an online transgender chess club on There are at least four clubs for LGBTQ people. It’s a great way to socialize safely with other LGBTQ people, just make sure everyone knows not to give out any personal information. It’s a safe place to play chess and make friends. And many on us who run LGBTQ clubs keep our members informed of various important issues with news post. And I have a working relationship with customer support. Any abuse charge is taken seriously, and I can advocate on member’s behave if they are being harassed or otherwise bothered. It’s free to join and the clubs. If you need any info just let me know, Lisa😊.


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