The Next Ten Years

Dear Friends

I am back!  As many of you know, I had the opportunity to take a sabbatical following ten years of service here at the DC Center.   It’s been amazing to have some time off to read, reflect, plan, and grow. I feel I am much better for the time off.  I am grateful to the team here at the DC Center that made it all possible including Kimberley Bush who served as Interim Executive Director, and Chris Rothermel, our office manager.

I’m excited to return to work with new energy, ideas, and perspectives.  The DC Center for the LGBT Community has grown significantly over the past ten years.  I can’t wait to see what the next 10 years looks like.   I expect that we will continue to work in four core areas (Health & Wellness, Arts & Culture, Social Support, and Advocacy.  I know that we will continue to listen to the community and be responsive to changes we see around us.

As we look forward to the next 10 years, I would like to ask you to do two things to support us.

Share your vision of the future.   What is your vision for the future of our local LGBTQ Community?  What services do we need most?  How should we grow.  We invite you to post your thoughts by using the hashtag #DCLGBTQVision on facebook and twitter.   Everyone who shares their ideas will be entered into a raffle to win two tickets to see the musical Hamilton at the Kennedy Center on August 14th.   Let’s start a conversation about what our future looks like.

Make a pledge to support us.   We are lucky to have a great circle of Center Associates who make much of our work possible through their monthly donations.  We need you to join them.   Click here to make a monthly pledge to the DC Center.

After having some time off to reflect, I am more proud than ever about what we’ve built together here at the DC Center.   I’m also more appreciative than ever of the volunteers, supporters, board members, staff, and activists that make it all happen.   Let’s work together to make sure we continue to grow over the next decade and build a firm foundation for future generations.


David Mariner


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