Trans & Nonbinary Support Groups

Support groups for the trans and nonbinary community are growing at the DC Center.  We currently have three support groups that meet monthly, with one more group starting this month.   The three groups that currently meet are:

The Trans Support Group is intended to provide emotionally and physically safe space for trans people and those who may be questioning their gender identity/expression to join together in community and learn from one another. Due to popularity and need, the group has expanded to being hosted twice a month, on the Second Tuesdays and Fourth Fridays of each month. This peer-led support group welcomes all who identify under the trans umbrella or are unsure, and seeks to continually reinforce our principles of respect, acceptance and protection through ongoing input from our attendees. The group welcomes people from all classes, races, sexuality and gender identity, and brings together this diverse assortment of individuals around a shared experience. Information about meetings is posted at or

Meetings take place on the Second Tuesdays and Fourth Fridays of every month starting at 7:00 PM.

Genderqueer DC:  These meetings are centered on the needs of trans, nonbinary, and questioning people.  Anna Sullivan, a facilitator of the group, states: “Genderqueer DC is a peer support group where we talk about issues related to nonbinary/trans gender identity, and create a welcoming space to share whatever we’re going through.   People of all gender identities are welcome to attend, but our meetings are focused on the needs of nonbinary/ trans/questioning people. Friends, family, and allies are welcome!”

Meetings usually take place on the fourth Tuesday of the month at 7:00 PM.   Some meetings will have ASL interpreters- this is posted in the Facebook events, and shared in the group email.  More information is available at or

A total of 19 peer facilitated support groups currently meet at the DC Center.  Peer facilitators are supported by our staff social workers.  Support the work of the DC Center by making a donation at

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