Volunteer Spotlight: Dave

Meet our volunteer Dave!
Astro Sign:
Where are you originally from?
I grew up twenty minutes north of Boston, MA.  The accent isn’t usually there unless I’m on the phone with my mom.
When and why did you start volunteering at the DC Center?
I started volunteering on the planning committee of OutWrite about four years ago.  When Julie Enszer stepped down as Community Chair, I stepped up.  First as a Co-Chair with Phill Branch, and now solo.
What is your favorite part about the LGBTQ+ community?
I like to reframe “LGBTQ+ community” and think of it in terms of many different LGBTQ+ communities.  It’s amazing when they intersect, but also acknowledges that there isn’t always that overlap.  And those communities that I have the privilege of being welcomed into continue to inspire me with their resilience and creativity.
What is your favorite queer movie?
The first real queer movie I remember seeing is Bound, and it holds a special place in my heart.  Since then, I’ve really enjoyed PariahWhile You Weren’t Looking (which I saw through Reel Affirmations a year or two ago) and Moonlight.  And “San Junipero,” which is basically a movie.
What clothing item is a staple in your wardrobe?
I’m usually irritated if it’s warm enough to wear a tank top but I’m in something with sleeves.
Who are you most inspired by?
I’m inspired by artists and writers who prioritize their craft.  I’m a writer who gets caught up in my day job or supporting OutWrite to the point that I don’t always set aside the right amount of time for writing or revising.  And I take inspiration from those who do.

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