Meet The Staff: Emily Sawitskas

photo of Emily the Social Media Intern

Welcome Emily Sawitskas to the DC Center! Emily (she/er//hers) is looking forward to organizing and planning events for the center as well as running their social media platforms! You can meet Emily at the DC Center on weekdays and some evenings. She is looking forward to meeting everyone from the LGBTQ+ community and bringing awareness to the DC Center!


Birthdate, Astro Sign

March 29, I am a proud Aries! (plus a Virgo moon and Taurus rising for my astrology people!)

Where are you originally from? 

Glendale, CA

Why did you start working at the DC Center? 

I started working at the DC Center to hopefully make a difference in the LGBTQ+ community!

What has been your favorite part about working at the DC Center?

I love how relaxed the work environment is and the people I’ve met so far are kind and attentive.

What is your music anthem? 

I love Beyonce and anything R&B

What is your favorite part about the LGBTQ+ community? 

I love how everyone is unapologetically themself and everyone is passionate, kind and unique in their own ways.

What is your favorite spot in DC and what do you do there? 

I have only lived in DC for about a week but so far I love all the little unique coffee shops I’ve visited, a great option is For Five Coffee Roasters on L Street! (They play great music!)

What is your favorite queer movie?  

Brokeback Mountain and The Color Purple!

What color would you paint the White House, given the chance?  

Sunflower Yellow! (My Favorite)

Who do you look up to in the queer community?

There are too many people to list but I think my favorite would be the U.S. National Women’s Soccer team players Megan Rapinoe and Abby Wambach because I grew up playing soccer and have continued into my early adulthood.