Donate Non Perishables, Clothing Today

The DC Center operates a small food pantry and a small walk-in closest for the homeless and for those who may not be able to afford these items. We see a rise in community members stopping by for assistance as the temperature falls. Please assist us in our mission by donating your unwanted or used washed clothing. We accept all non perishables.

If you have questions please call or email us. Donations are accepted during regular business hours.

Help save a life—Know about the Hypothermia Alert

Between November 1 and March 31, when the temperature or Wind Chill is 32 or below, the District of Columbia issues a Hypothermia Alert. On Hypothermia Alert Day, the District is obligated by law to make shelter available. On those days, your call to the Shelter Hotline should result in the dispatch of a van to take the person from the street to an emergency shelter (or to a hospital if needed). The van is equipped with items such as water, blankets, gloves and jackets.

Hypothermia is a medical emergency that occurs when your body loses heat faster than it can produce heat, causing a dangerously low body temperature. Normal body temperature is around 98.6 F. Hypothermia occurs as your body temperature passes below 95 F. When your body temperature drops, your heart, nervous system and other organs can’t work correctly. To get help for a homeless person in extremely cold weather, listed below are all the ways to contact the hotline.


211 (or 311) 


Applicants sought for D.C. LGBTQ Latinx Scholarship

The D.C. LGBT group LULAC Lambda is inviting current and future college students attending D.C. schools to apply for its 2020 annual scholarship that it says will benefit students from the LGBTQ Latinx community.

“For the third year in a row, LULAC Lambda will award a scholarship to a community-minded individual enrolled in a District of Columbia high school or college,” said Jesse Garcia, president of LULAC Lambda.

“Our scholarship program will help that scholar achieve their academic goals and reduce their student debt,” Garcia said. “We want to thank our members and allies who have supported our fundraisers to keep this scholarship program alive,” he said.

“The scholarship committee will look at academic performance and a student’s work in the social justice space, including community service accomplishments in the Queer Latinx community,” according to Erik Rodriquez, LULAC Lambda’s vice president. “We invite high school seniors, college students, graduate students and law students to apply,” he said.

A statement released by the group says scholarship applications are being accepted through Jan. 10, 2020. Further details about the application process can be accessed at

The statement says LULAC Lambda is one of 1,000 chapters throughout the U.S. affiliated with the League of United Latin American Citizens, or LULAC, the nation’s largest and oldest Latinx volunteer-based civil rights organization.

Join the Rainbow History Project’s Board of Directors!

Rainbow History Project (RHP) is seeking a few more passionate and hardworking people to join their Board of Trustees.

About Us
The mission of the RHP is to collect, preserve, and promote an active knowledge of the history, arts, and culture relevant to sexually diverse communities in metropolitan Washington DC.  In pursuit of this, RHP collects and maintains an archive of historic documents, audio and video recordings, oral histories from community members and other materials; maintains a database of places and spaces of significance to our community; and presents public panels on topics of historic significance.

We Value Diversity
RHP’s mission can be accomplished only if their collection, volunteer corps, leadership and programming reflect and represent the full diversity of those communities and their allies. They are committed to seeking out the active participation and involvement of individuals of all backgrounds — particularly those from under-represented groups — who agree with and are committed to carrying out the goals of the organization.

How to Apply
To apply for consideration for a seat on the RHP Board, please send an email describing your interest and relevant experience, or a resume, to  Please also provide three references who can vouch for your talent and dedication.

More information about Rainbow History Project can be found at

The DC Center Board announces Kimberley Bush as Interim Executive Director

The DC Center is proud to share that Kimberley Bush, the Center’s Director of Arts & Cultural Programs, will serve as the Interim Executive Director while the Board of Directors conducts a search for a new Executive Director. Kimberley also oversees, manages, and co-curates Center Arts Gallery, Arty Queers: DC’s LGTBQ Indoor Art Market, Outwrite: DC’s LGBTQ LIterary Festival, DC Queer Theatre Festival,  Reel Affirmations: DC’s International LGBTQ Film Festival and Monthly Film Series. Kimberley previously filled the Acting ED role while David was on sabbatical for three months in 2018.
In her role as Director of Arts & Cultural Programs, Kimberley has demonstrated a sense of innovation and ambition in the projects she has taken on. The Reel Affirmations program, which Kimberley has been involved with for more than 15 years, has been ranked in the top three LGBTQ film festivals in the country. Arty Queers, an LGBTQ Art Market, that Kimberley established more recently, has already become a recurring event which draws patrons to the Center every month.
Though a New York native, Kimberley has lived in the DC area for thirty years and has become an accomplished leader in the community. In May, she was recognized as one of the 2019 Capital Pride Heroes.
We are appreciative of Kimberley’s willingness to step up and serve the DC Center as the Interim ED. We know the Center is in great hands and we look forward to her leadership in the months ahead!

Letter from Rainbow Caucus of LGBTQ Advisory Neighborhood Commissioners

The Rainbow Caucus of LGBTQ Advisory Neighborhood Commissioners submitted a letter on June 19 the Chairman Phil Mendelson. You can read the text of the letter copied below, or view the entire letter in its original format at the following link: RainbowCaucusLetter.pdf


The Honorable Phil Mendelson
Chairman, Council of the District of Columbia
1350 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Suite 504
Washington, DC 20004

Via E-mail

19 June 2019

Dear Chairman Mendelson:
We write as DC’s highest-ranking LGBTQ elected officials charged with ensuring the best interest of the District of Columbia as a whole. While the DC Council contains many self-
professed LGBTQ allies, we have not had true representation on the Council since Councilmembers Catania and Graham left office. The Council’s silence on hate crimes and
transgender violence, its refusal to provide even $1 in increased funding for the Office of
Human Rights and Office of LGBTQ Affairs that 15 organizations advocated for, its failure
to address anti-LGBTQ discrimination and violence, and its lack of action to ensure that we
have safe and respectful housing and job opportunities for LGBTQ people of all ages – and
in particular trans women of color – deeply concerns and disgusts us.

We learned long ago that Silence = Death … and your silence and inaction is killing
members of our community or placing them in harm’s ways and hospital emergency rooms. We will not be complacent, we will not be silent, and we will hold every single
Councilmember accountable for their failures – both now and during election time.

LGBTQ people are suffering when they walk down the street, they are targets, and they are
dying from preventable causes. Recent instances include the brutal murders of Ashanti
Carmon and Zoe Spears – both transgender woman of color, the violent attack on Carl
Craven and Braden Brech outside of Nellie’s on U Street, NW, on June 16th, and three
people stabbed inside the Fireplace on P Street, NW, also on June 16th. Sadly, violence like
this is all too common in our community, and it is happening on your watch.

Furthermore, the Council continues to fail in its oversight role. There is institutional
disrespect and homophobia/transphobia throughout our District government agencies,
particularly toward transgender people. Yet you do nothing. Your silence condones this

Words of friendship and support no longer ring true. Both as elected officials and your
constituents, we call on you to act now. Money talks, and we need to hear a mighty roar
from the Council by securing a minimum of $5M in funding for the programs and agencies
that support our community and make us safe.

We look forward to your response and are committed to rolling up our sleeves to work
together until every last one of us can walk down the street in safety and dignity.

Kent C. Boese
Commissioner, 1A08
Chair, ANC1A

Michael Wray
Commissioner, 1A09

Jason Clock
Commissioner, 1A12

James Turner
Commissioner, 1B09

Robb Hudson
Commissioner, 1B11

Ted Guthrie
Commissioner, 1C03

Birdget Pooley
Commissioner, 1C02

Japer Bowles
Commissioner, 1C07

Matthew Sampson
Commissioner, 2B01

Randy Downs
Commissioner, 2B05

Mike Silvertein
Commissioner, 2B06

Michael. D Shankle
Commissioner, 2C01

John Fanning
Commissioner, 2F04
Chair, ANC2F

Monika Nameth
Commissioner, 3F06

Madeleine Stirling
Commissioner-elect, 2F05

Meet The Staff: Sean

Welcome Sean to the DC Center! He is a front desk volunteer. He looks forward to helping with the day to day workings of the center and providing assistance to all that come. You can meet Sean at the DC Center on Tuesdays! He has a Psychology degree from High Point University, North Carolina many years ago.

Birthdate, Astro Sign

May 4th, Taurus

Where are you originally from?

Born and Raised here in DC

Why did you start working at the DC Center?

I wanted to help and support my community, in a city I love and was raised in.

What has been your favorite part about working at the DC Center?

Just meeting different people throughout our varied community and seeing them grow and strive.

What is your music anthem?

Janelle Monae “Lettin Go” it is about quitting a job that doesn’t appreciate you, and living your best fun life.

What is your favorite part about the LGBTQ+ community?

The coming together of the participants whether it be groups, clubs, and get togethers and spreading support and love.

What is your favorite spot in DC and what do you do there?

My grandma’s house in NW. She has lived there forever and she has always had faith in me and has been my hub in DC.

What is your favorite queer movie?

Paris Is Burning, Cause. You. Own. Everything! 

What color would you paint the White House, given the chance?

Pitch Black

Who do you look up to in the queer community?

My mother the baddest most inspirational lesbian I know. Who always wanted me to be the best me I can be.

Post-Pride Closing

Holiday Closings

The DC Center will be closed during its daytime office hours from noon to 6pm on Monday, June 10th 2019 while we recuperate and clean up following the Capital Pride parade and festival celebrations! All evening events after 6 at the Center will proceed unaffected.

The Center will reopen for regular business hours Tuesday, June 11th.

2019 LGBTQ Community Survey

2019 LGBTQ Community Survey

The DC Center for the LGBTQ Community is proud to partner with Community Marketing Inc for the 13th annual LGBTQ Community Survey. When you complete the survey using our unique link ( your survey data is shared with the DC Center.

click here to take the survey now

This is the fourth year the DC Center has participated in the survey.  Last year we had 400 unique responses which provide us with useful information about the community members we serve.

Please take a moment and complete the survey now.  Results from previous years surveys are included below and on our Data page at

Previous Community Survey Results

The DC Center Community Survey 2018

The DC Center Community Survey 2017

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