Meet the Staff: Jocelyn

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Welcome Jocelyn Jacoby (she/her) to the DC Center! Jocelyn is a Licensed Graduate Social Worker and will be joining the DC Center as the Anti-Violence Program Director and Psychotherapist. Jocelyn’s background is in managing victim hotlines and she is grateful for a position to directly serve LGBTQ+ survivors of trauma in her community of Washington, DC. She is excited to join the Behavioral Health Services team and to meet all the activists involved with the Anti-Violence Project. Jocelyn especially looks forward to working in a place that is openly queer and the opportunity to create a safe space for those in crises. You can meet Jocelyn at the DC Center on weekdays and some evenings. 

Birthdate, Astro Sign

July 5th: Cancer Sun, Libra Moon, and Sagittarius Rising. 


Where are you originally from? 

I was born in California, raised in Montgomery County, Maryland, and my family has lived in NYC for the past decade. 


Why did you start working at the DC Center? 

In Hebrew, tikkun olam roughly translates to “repair the world” and is a signature theme of Jewish tradition. I am always looking for mission-based work that aligns with my values and gives me meaning. I was thrilled by the opportunity to join the DC Center in  educating, empowering, uplifting, celebrating, elevating and connecting the LGBTQ+ community of Washington, DC. This position was especially exciting to me because it combines advocacy and program management opportunities along with clinical services. It is my belief that I can better understand the needs of LGBTQ+ trauma survivors by working at the individual level alongside the community level.


What has been your favorite part about working at the DC Center?

My favorite part of working at the DC Center has been getting to know the staff members and the wonderful work they do. It is such an honor to be part of this group. 


What is your music anthem? 

Having just received my Spotify Wrapped, I can confirm with data that my most listened to artist is Lorde. Once the weather starts warming up, I am listening to Solar Power on repeat. In the darker months, I am more likely to be listening to Liability on Melodrama. 


What is your favorite part about the LGBTQ+ community? 

My first instinct was to say resiliency, however, I hesitate because resiliency forms through adversity. I hate the expectation that those who face oppression and hardship have to be resilient. We should be allowed to be soft, to be taken care of. So instead of resiliency I will say joy. Yes the joy in the face of hardship, but also the joy fostered by kinship, art, and unique individuality. My wish is that this queer joy can exist in a world that does not challenge it. 


What is your favorite spot in DC and what do you do there? 

I adore living in Washington, DC and have many favorite spots. I love being able to be in a city and also escape into nature. The U.S. National Arboretum in particular holds a special place in my heart. I try to visit throughout all the seasons. I sit and admire the foliage in autumn and smell the flowers in the spring. I take friends and show them how expansive and peaceful it is. 


What is your favorite queer movie?  

Two of my favorite queer movies are But I’m a Cheerleader and Paris is Burning. I love the camp and aesthetic in But I’m a Cheerleader and the queer history and incredible vogueing shown Paris is Burning. 


What color would you paint the White House, given the chance?  

Pink! If I was in charge, basically everything would be pink. I can add Pink by Lizzo as a newer music anthem in my life. Barbie core has been fabulous and I will continue to choose everything pink even after it is out of style.


Who do you look up to in the queer community?

There are so many historical and current queer activists and icons that I look up to. Two I want to highlight are Audre Lorde and Victoria Cruz. Being exposed to Audre Lorde’s work nearly a decade ago played a foundational role in my feminist and queer identity. Her intersectional approach to confronting injustices is one I have tried to internalize along with her emphasis on love. Victoria Cruz is an LGBTQ+ and anti-violence activist whose entire career has been an inspiration to me. She is well known for organizing alongside iconic activists such as Marsha P. Johnson and Sylvia Rivera. She also served as a Domestic Violence Counselor and Advocate at the NYC Anti-Violence Project. I can only hope to emulate the work she’s done with LGBTQ+ trauma survivors. 

Community Resources For The Holiday Season

Graphic entitled "Community Resources"

The holiday season can be a time of joy and celebration, but it can also be a time when our health and wellbeing are at risk. For many LGBTQ+ people, who may face discrimination, rejection, and isolation from their families and communities. In addition to these external stressors, the holiday season can also bring its own set of mental health challenges, such as increased stress, loneliness, and depression. The DC Center has gathered a range of information to help you navigate the holiday season with your safety and mental health in mind.

If you are having an emergency please consider these options for assistance:

Emergency Shelter & Housing:

DC Shelter Hotline: (202)-399-7093 (24/7, provides free transportation) 

LGBTQ Shelter “Living Life” Alternative: 202-560-5457 | 400 50th St SE

Virginia Williams Family Resource Center: (202)-526-0017 (Women & Families) | 920-A Rhode Island Ave NE, 20018

Basic Needs (Showers, Laundry, Food, Etc.):

S.O.M.E. (So Others Might Eat) : (202) 797-8806 71 O St NW, 20001

Bread for the City: (202) 265-2400 1525 7th St. NW (Holiday Closures/Hours

Hunger Lifeline (202) 644-9807 , assistance in finding emergency food help

Thrive DC: (202) 737-9311 1525 Newton St NW Washington, DC 20010 | 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM | 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM

Mental Health / Substance Use/ Victimization Support: 

Local Services:

In the District you can get help 24/7 with a mental health crisis by calling 988

Maryland Mobile Crisis: (240)-777-4000   |      Virginia Mobile Crisis: (703)-573-5679

Substance Abuse Support and Referral Center (ARC): (202) 727-8473 75 P Street NE (enter on Florida Avenue near the P Street intersection)

The Triangle Club (LGBTQ+ Recovery Support): (202) 659-8641 1638 R St NW Suite 120, 20009  

NAMI DC Helpline: (202)-466-0972  Monday–Friday, 10 am – 6 pm EST

DC Victim Hotline: 844-4HELPDC (844-443-5732)


SAGE National LGBT Elder Hotline(877)-360-5428 (24/7)

Trans Lifeline: (877)-565-8860

Trevor Lifeline (LGBTQ Folx under 25): (866)-488-7386 

LGBT National Help Center: 888-834-45644

IMAlive: Online Chat (24/7) OR  LGBT ADULT Crisis Text Line* – Text HOME to 741741

The National Domestic Violence Hotline: 1-800-799-7233 (24/7, anonymous, confidential support)

The National Sexual Assault Hotline: 1-800-656-4673

Holiday Support: 

DC Center “Xmas Day Hangout” : (Zoom link) December 25 @ 1pm – 2pm

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We’re Moving!

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THIS POSITION IS FILLED. Case Management & Advocacy Specialist Position Available

Job Opportunity at the DC Center for the LGBT Community


The DC Anti-Violence Project of the DC Center for the LGBT Community is seeking a community-based trauma-informed mental health professional to provide case management services to and advocacy for LGBTQ+ survivors of trauma, violence, and abuse in the DMV area. The position also involves community leadership in facilitating community meetings/activities and in networking with and educating survivor services providers, to strengthen the appropriate and effective response of LGBTQ+ competent service provision to LGBTQ+ trauma survivors. Exceptional interpersonal, ethical, intercultural and client care skills are required. Fluency in both Spanish and English, expertise in transgender and gender non-binary and BIPOC issues and/or clinical licensure are a plus. Familiarity with TheraNest or other EHR systems is also a plus. Experience in providing telehealth via Zoom HIPAA-compliant video platform is desired, as the position includes virtual and in-person service provision.

CMA Specialist Position summary:

Since 2002, The DC Center for the LGBT Community has implemented a mission of educating, empowering, celebrating, uplifting and connecting the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community of Washington, DC. The Case Management and Advocacy (CMA) Specialist position helps to achieve this mission by providing case management and advocacy support services to LGBTQ+ survivors of violence, crime, and trauma. These services are available free-of-charge to our community members due to grant funding from the Office of Victim Services and Justice Grants (OVSJG). The CMA Specialist will work with community members and clients individually via email, phone, HIPAA-compliant Zoom and in person, and as a member of the Behavioral Health Services (BHS) team, supporting two licensed mental health clinicians in connecting BHS clients to needed services. The CMA Specialist will also facilitate the monthly meetings of the DC Anti-Violence Project (DCAVP) and related community based violence intervention, education and advocacy activities. The person who fills this position is also responsible for assisting on other related projects, such as record-keeping for the quarterly/ annual reporting and management of the OVSJG grant, outreach and education in the LGBTQ+ community, and assisting the mission, vision, and values of The DC Anti-Violence Project (DCAVP). There is limited funding available for professional development, and to assist with costs of renewing DC & MD licenses, if applicable. The CMA Specialist will assist with administrative needs as determined by the BHS/DCAVP Project Manager and report to the Executive Director. 

Special Skills:

The CMA Specialist must have at least 2 years’ experience working as a trauma-informed case manager and advocate with a diverse client population. They must have a demonstrated ability to work with LGBTQ+ adults, to work well as a team member, to problem solve and communicate at all levels verbally as well as in writing. Exceptional interpersonal, ethical, intercultural and client care skills are required. Must be self-motivated, ethical, and be able to build and maintain relationships with clients, colleagues and with key stakeholders in the larger victim-serving network of Washington, DC. The ideal candidate will have prior nonprofit experience and crisis assessment, intervention and referral experience. Fluency in both Spanish and English, expertise in transgender and gender non-binary and BIPOC issues and/or clinical licensure are a plus.

CMA Specialist Functions and Duties

  • Be the point of contact and initial assessment for requests for mental health assistance and triage the requests as appropriate for referral to BHS clinicians and case management and advocacy to relevant providers within the District networks of care
  • Provide trauma-informed and interculturally competent case management assistance to DCAVP BHS clients (LGBTQ+ survivors of trauma, violence and abuse) in accessing appropriate organizations and providers for services beyond the parameters of mental health counseling offered by the DCAVP BHS Therapists
  • Provide email/phone/drop-in and virtual response to and follow-up with LGBTQ+ clients’ requests for advocacy, info & referral and warm-handoffs to wrap-around services in the District
  • Provide LGBTQ+ clients in crisis necessary crisis intervention, consultation and referrals to appropriate support systems (safety plans, hospitalization, referrals, etc.) as well as connection into BHS individual and group counseling services as appropriate
  • Build and maintain the BHS Providers List of LGBQ, TGNC, BIPOC competent, trauma-informed, culturally diverse mental health clinicians who are affordable and accessible for low-to-no income LGBTQ+ clients seeking long-term counseling services
  • Facilitate the monthly meetings of the DCAVP and manage the DCAVP listservs and social media outreach and advocacy activities, working in partnership with DCAVP community members to further the mission, vision, and values of the DCAVP
  • Write and coordinate DCAVP response for Community Impact Statements to support hate bias cases, in partnership with the the MPD LGBTSU and USAO, and public relations response as needed
  • Coordinate and/or represent the DCAVP at LGBTQ+ expert community collaborations and consultations with the partnering organizations in the continuum of services in the District (including VAN, VPART, HBTF)
  • Be the point of contact for requests for DCAVP collaboration and expertise on community programs and policy committees (such as the VAN, VPART, DCAVP, HBTF and others) and for requests for LGBTQ+ competency education and training for community organization professionals in LGBTQ+ issues and best practices for service provision
  • Build the District’s statistical knowledge base about crimes against and effective services for LGBTQ+ residents by designing client services and events evaluation processes and performing research and analysis of statistics culled from clients and feedback to assist in program development, funding requests and requests for informational statistics
  • Assist with keeping clinical statistical data, implementing and analyzing client evaluation feedback and writing quarterly reports and other grant deliverables for the OVSJG grant throughout the fiscal year, as determined by the BHS/DCAVP Project Manager
  • Assist in the management of the Direct Client Assistance program, a fund of resources to assist LGBTQ+ survivors in securing technology, internet connectivity, training and transportation to be able to consistently and safely access support services
  • Collaborate with DC Center staff to provide community-based education and outreach opportunities in line with OVSJG DCAVP grant requirements 
  • Keep a current schedule and accurate records of all clinical and non-clinical interactions in the systems in use by the DC Center and BHS team
  • Work well with a diverse staff team to facilitate an open, supportive and warm environment for all individuals who connect with The DC Center and represent the DC Center professionally within the community.

Salary range is $48,000-50,000.

Position includes health insurance, vacation and personal leave benefits.

Position is grant-funded on an annual basis (Oct 1, 2022 through Sept 30, 2023).

To apply, please send resumes and cover letters to


Binder Donation Project

The DC Center is excited to continue their partnership with GC2B Transitional Apparel! GC2B has reached out to many organizations in the DC area and provided free binders for them to give away, and the DC Center is fortunate enough to be one of them.  This program is ending soon though so get your Binders soon.

Everyone and anyone is welcome to come by the DC Center at any point during regular office hours (12-6 pm Monday through Friday and 11-3PM on Saturday) and get fitted for a free binder!

Sizes range from XS to 5X depending on what we have available

We have received 50+ binders from GC2B! If your size is unfortunately not available you can order one directly from GC2B

This is a no-gatekeeping event. Whoever you are, whatever you look like, whatever you need your binder for, come by the DC Center and pick up what you need for FREE!

Questions? Call the DC Center at 202-682-2245 or email

Also please visit the GC2B website here and support them by buying their merch if you can or spreading the word.

Breastfeeding Center for Greater Washington presents – LGBTQ+ Postnatal Group

Breastfeeding Center for Greater Washington presents –
LGBTQ+ Postnatal Group:

“This group is specifically designed for the LGBTQ+ community who have welcomed a new baby into their family in the past year. Our goal is to create a space that fosters a supportive community for new parents. We welcome birthing, adoptive or gestational carrier LGBTQ+ families who are within the first year of their baby’s life. You can attend this group as a the birthing person, partner, alone or together.
This free, biweekly group is led by Mel Kennedy. Mel is an experienced doula in the DMV, a student midwife, and a member of the LGBTQ+ community. Registration includes yourself + a support person (free). Offered on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of every month at 10:30am-12pm.”

Breastfeeding Center for Greater Washington presents: LGBTQ+ Prenatal Group

Breastfeeding Center for Greater Washington presents
LGBTQ+ Prenatal Group:

“This group is specifically designed for the LGBTQ+ community preparing to welcome a baby into their family. Our goal is to create a space that fosters a supportive community for soon-to-be parents. We welcome birthing, adoptive or gestational carrier LGBTQ+ families who are at any stage of pregnancy. You can attend this group as a pregnant person, partner, alone or together.
This free, biweekly group is led by Mel Kennedy. Mel is an experienced doula in the DMV, a student midwife, and a member of the LGBTQ+ community. Registration for this group includes includes yourself + a support person (free). Offered on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of every month at 7-8:30pm”

Free at Home HIV and STI Test Kits for DC,MD and VA residents

Graphic that says "Let's get checked DMV." and explains that there is free HIV and STI home testing available to be mailed directly to your home

From the convenience of your home you can privately get tested, you can now order a free at home HIV and STI test kit, these tests require no proof of income or insurance. DCs program is administered by the DC Health Department. MD and VA’s programs are run by the Virginia Department of Health, Division of Disease Prevention, with support from the Maryland Department of Health, Center for HIV Prevention and Health Services. Test kits are mailed discretely in a USPS box.


Maryland and Virginia residents click here

DC residents click here


Desde la comodidad de su hogar, puede hacerse la prueba de forma privada, ahora puede solicitar un kit de prueba de VIH e ITS gratis en el hogar, estas pruebas no requieren prueba de ingresos o seguro. El programa de DC es administrado por el Departamento de Salud de DC. Los programas de MD y VA están a cargo de la División de Prevención de Enfermedades del Departamento de Salud de Virginia, con el apoyo del Centro de Servicios de Salud y Prevención del VIH del Departamento de Salud de Maryland. Los kits de prueba se envían por correo discretamente en una caja de USPS.

Residentes de Maryland y Virginia, haga clic aquí

Residentes de DC haga clic aquí

Undetected: More Than A Status

In honor of National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day and Black History month,  join us  for our special programing highlighting the strengths and weaknesses in the black community and how we move forward – together – stronger . will be a having a candid talk about how HIV and Stigma affects the black community , paneled by local and national activist from around the United States. One of our panelist is Shawnte Spriggs, Shawnte Spriggs is a phenomenal speaker, writer and advocate who continues to do phenomenal work in the Black community for individuals living with HIV. From facilitating support groups and attending grant meetings to the birth of her prolific book, Undetected: More Than A Status, Shawnte has continued to battle HIV stigma towards advancement of the Black community. Below is a quick synapsis of her book. For individuals who join our programming, we will be offering free copies of her inspirational book.

Undetected is a quick and easy read to help better understand the emotional challenges and outcomes a person living with HIV can undergo during their journey to overall wellness. This book is designed for individuals diagnosed with HIV, their Friends and Family and anyone servicing people living with HIV. This book will: (1) Show you common emotions and mindsets associated with this diagnosis; (2) Review the effects of past and unresolved Trauma; (3)Share various ways support can possibly look for a person living with HIV; (4) Provide practical and healthy tips to render positive and productive results.

Purchase a Copy

Amazon link