Case Management & Advocacy Specialist Position Available

Case Management & Advocacy Specialist
The DC Center for the LGBT Community

The DC Center for the LGBT Community is hiring! 

Since 2003, the DC Center has worked to educate, empower, celebrate, and connect the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender communities in the District. We envision communities where LGBTQ+ people feel healthy, safe, and affirmed. The DC Anti-Violence Project (DCAVP), a program of the DC Center founded in 2008, works to reduce violence against LGBTQ+ individuals (and those perceived as LGBTQ+) through case management, advocacy, crisis intervention, community outreach, education, and individual and group counseling.

Position Summary
The DCAVP is seeking a community-based trauma-informed mental health professional to serve as our Case Management and Advocacy Specialist (CMA). The CMA provides case management and advocacy for LGBTQ+ survivors of trauma, violence, and abuse in the DMV area. The CMA also provides community leadership in collaboration with survivor services providers to strengthen appropriate and effective response of LGBTQ+ competent service provision to LGBTQ+ trauma survivors in the District. The CMA works directly with community members individually via email, phone, HIPAA-compliant Zoom and in person, works as a member of the Behavioral Health Services (BHS) team supporting two licensed mental health clinicians in connecting BHS clients to needed services and works as a team member of the DC Center.

Skills and Experience

  • Licensure to practice case management or mental health services in DMV
  • Minimum 2 years’ experience working as a trauma-informed case manager and advocate with a diverse client population
  • Experience working with LGBTQ+ adult clients
  • Crisis assessment, intervention and referral experience
  • Experience working in an interdisciplinary community center setting
  • Experience conducting and maintaining outreach to other service agencies for direct referral pathways for warm-handoffs of clients for services
  • Knowledge about substance abuse, mental illness, housing issues, and intersecting systems of oppression 
  • Experience in providing telehealth via Zoom HIPAA-compliant video platform as well as in-person service provision
  • Ethical, intercultural client care and community relationship skills
  • Ability to problem solve and communicate at all verbal and written levels
  • Experience working well as a team member
  • Prior nonprofit experience

Functions and Duties

  • Be the point of contact and triage for those who contact the DC Center seeking mental health assistance, case management and advocacy
  • Provide trauma-informed and interculturally competent case management assistance to LGBTQ+ survivors of trauma, violence and abuse in accessing appropriate organizations and providers for services 
  • Provide email/phone/drop-in and virtual response to and follow-up with clients’ requests for advocacy, info & referral and warm-handoffs 
  • Provide client crisis intervention and referrals to appropriate support systems (safety plans, hospitalization, referrals, etc.) 
  • Build and maintain an LGBTQ+ friendly providers network of competent, trauma-informed, culturally diverse mental health support services partners 
  • Facilitate the monthly community meetings of the DCAVP and manage the outreach and advocacy activities
  • Write and coordinate DCAVP Community Impact Statements to support hate bias cases, in partnership with the US Attorney’s Office
  • Respond to requests for DCAVP collaboration and expertise on LGBTQ+ client needs and best practices with the partnering organizations in the District
  • Assist with quarterly reports and other grant deliverables for the OVSJG grant throughout the fiscal year
  • Utilize EHR and calendaring systems for accurate records of all clinical and non-clinical interactions using the protocols of BHS and The DC Center
  • Work well with an interdisciplinary staff team to facilitate effective communications, team support and warm hospitality in the setting of an actively utilized community center. 

Please send qualified resumes with cover letters to  Salary range is within $48,000-$50,000. The position includes health insurance, vacation and personal leave benefits. Position is grant-funded annually (Oct 1 through Sept 31). Open until filled.

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