LGBT Health and Wellness in the District of Columbia

What do we know about LGBT individuals in the District of Columbia?  This page is a repository of relevant surveys and reports pertaining to the Washington D.C. area and the greater U.S. These sources offer valuable insight on the health and wellness of LGBTQ+ individuals in our community. If you have additional information that should be added to this page, be sure to let us know!

LGBTQ+ Health Reports

HIV/AIDS Information

Transgender Health and Wellness

LGBTQ+ Youth Health and Wellness

LGBTQ+ Drug Use and Harm Reduction

Census/Demographic Data


Data from the DC Center Community Survey

The DC Center partners with Community Marketing Inc for the annual LGBT Community Survey.  The following reports detail data from our DC Center respondents.

Recent/Relevant Articles

Racial Disparities in D.C. HIV/AIDS Cases Widened During Pandemic

New D.C. Data Shows Uptick in HIV Diagnoses After Testing Dipped During Pandemic

40% of Washington DC’s Unhoused Youth Identify as LGBTQ+

Number of DC Shelters Serving LGBTQ+ Homeless is Growing

Young People In D.C. Are Diagnosed With HIV At Twice The National Rate

43% of Youth Experiencing Homelessness Identify as LGBT in the District of Columbia



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