Survivor ArtMake: PAIN. REBELLION. PRIDE. A Triptych

LGBTQ+ folx are survivors of all kinds of violence, trauma and abuse. Expression through art is healing and powerful.

This is an opportunity to create a piece that shows your journey. Using collage, you will explore and create a triptych (three panels) to represent a way you have turned a painful event into a resilient strength that you bring to the planet.

FREE! RSVP by FRIDAY JUNE 26, 5pm, by completing a short survey to get the zoom link. 

ASL? Let us know by Thursday June 25 if you need ASL interpretation, please.

Prepare: Set up the space and time for our virtual gathering where you have plenty of room to go through images to collage together to create and share your triptych (if you choose to share).

Supplies Needed: Collect (or create) and bring magazines/images that speak to you about your journey: PAIN. REBELLION. PRIDE. (If you don’t have magazines, ask your neighbors, family, friends, local businesses with waiting rooms, etc. if you can have a few of their old issues. You can also use old calendars and books, and/or go online and print out some images). Also collect scissors, glue, tape, markers/markmaking implements, and three pieces (or one that you bend into three panels) of stiff paper, cardboard, mat board — you can even re-purpose cereal or cracker boxes for this, since you’ll likely be covering up the images with your own. Or you can paint a background color on them ahead of time. The size is up to you. I’d suggest at least 5×8 inches per panel.

Journey: We’ll spend the time in a brief intro to each other, the subject, and the process, then we’ll artmake for about an hour or so (I’ll have background music piped through my screen share, but you can also mute us and go with your own), and we’ll have some time in the end for a Silent Witnessing — a time for any one who wishes to share their triptych with the others.

Vision: My hope is that we can be present and honor ourselves and each other in this space. This will be a transformative experience. Your triptych can be an altarpiece to cherish if you wish, something to share with those who love you, and/or something you burn when you’re finished to complete the process. There is no wrong way to do this piece.

Host/Contact: Christina Cappelletti, LGSW, MSW, MA, DCAVP Therapist/Advocate/Artist, DC Center

The DC Anti-Violence Project (DCAVP) is here to support LGBTQ+ survivors of violence, trauma and abuse, to raise awareness about the systems that perpetuate it, and to educate the community on how to be present for LGBTQ+ authentic living. The DCAVP is a program of the DC Center for the LGBT Community, and is funded under 2020-MDCC-01, awarded by the Office of Victim Services and Justice Grants, Executive Office of the Mayor, District of Columbia. The opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this event are those of the contributors and do not necessarily represent the official position or policies of the Executive Office of the Mayor.


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