Introducing Lydia!

Welcome Lydia Turner-Little to the DC Center! Lydia will be our development intern for the fall and will be working with our professional partners and donors. She is looking forward to planning new and exciting fundraising events. You can meet Lydia at the DC Center on most weekdays and some evenings. She is looking forward to meeting and forming connections with members of the local community! 

Birthdate, Astro Sign

October 3- Libra

Where are you originally from? 

Damascus, Maryland but I go to school in southwestern Virginia 

Why did you start working at the DC Center? 

I started working at the DC Center because I wanted to be able to do work that directly helps the LGBTQ+ community. 

What has been your favorite part about working at the DC Center?

My favorite part has been interacting with others because everyone here is so friendly! I also love how I am allowed to be creative. How many other jobs do you get to spend time thinking about drag shows and it be considered on task?

What is your music anthem? 

My go-to is usually whatever song Lil Nas X has most recently released, but I like all types of music from Motown to 80’s power ballads to musical theater to rap and, yes, even some country

What is your favorite part about the LGBTQ+ community? 

My favorite part is the sense of community and how when I’m interacting with other LGBTQ+ folks there tends to be a stronger connection right off the bat. It’s also easier to talk about my own experiences with other LGBTQ+ folks and I appreciate feeling that same trust from others. 

What is your favorite spot in DC and what do you do there? 

Being from Maryland, I’ve been a Washington Nationals fan since I was young so I would have to say that my favorite spot is Nats Park. Going to a baseball game in person is so much fun and even people who aren’t baseball fans can have a good time. 

What is your favorite queer movie?  

I was super excited for this question because the movies I watch are almost exclusively queer-themed, but my all-time favorite is a tie between Pride (2014) and Maurice (1987). Pride is about the real-life group of gay and lesbian activists who supported the striking miners in Wales in 1984 and the unlikely relationship that formed between the two groups. Maurice is based on the novel by E. M. Forster and tells the story of a gay man coming to accept his sexuality and the relationships he forms with others. The movie also features young Hugh Grant which I find to be a very compelling selling point.

What color would you paint the White House, given the chance?  

I would have some very smart scientist invent a paint that makes things clear and paint that on the White House. Some may call it a security risk, but I call it a way to fix the lack of transparency in DC.

Who do you look up to in the queer community?

Dr. Jamison Green is an activist based in California who has been fighting for the rights of trans* people for decades. He was an integral part of bringing about legal changes that make it easier for anyone to obtain a legal name change, and he currently works to help workplaces create better environments for LGBTQ+ employees. He was kind enough to let me interview him for a school project several years ago and I am forever grateful to him and in awe of all of the challenges he has overcome. 

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