Stonewall Kickball Hate Crimes Town Hall

In response to some of their players falling victim to Bias-Related and other violent crimes, the leadership of the Stonewall Kickball League held a Town Hall Style meeting and discussion to educate their nearly 800 league members, as well as share information about how to protect themselves and the community at-large.

Stefania Mahdi, of the DC Anti Violence Project, a program of the DC Center, participated in the event.  StaStefania Mahdi, of the DC LGBTQ Center’s Anti-Violence Project.  Stefania was joined by Brett Parsons from the  Special Liaison Branch (SLB) of the Metropolitan Police Department , Roger Kemp from the US Attorney’s Office (AUSA), Director Sheila Alexander-Reid, of the Mayor’s Office of LGBTQ Affairs,  and ANC Commissioner Randy Downs, who moderated the event.

This is part of an ongoing effort to address the issue of Bias-Related Crimes and join the community in developing ways to protect themselves and their community through awareness, communication, education, and de-escalation.

The DC Anti-Violence Project is dedicated to eradicating violence against and within the LGBTQ+ community, engaging creatively with solutions through advocacy, community organizing, and survivor support.   Connect with DCAVP on twitter at or on facebook at

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