Alexander Rey Perez

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Alexander Rey Perez (Divine, They, King, He), widely known as Lexlyrics, is an intentional light worker with an unwavering commitment to fostering positive change in every community they touch. Through embodying the values of presence and visibility, Alexander has emerged as a catalyst for transformation in artistic, spiritual, and social justice spheres. 

Alexander comes from Dominican, Cuban, and Costa Rican lineages. Additionally, Alexander is a two-spirit individual with a trans experience. Despite facing challenges such as houselessness, extreme trauma, mental health issues, and surviving jail systems due to subsequent trauma, Alexander teaches us that, regardless of where you come from or what you endure, you get to decide what you make of it. That we are in fact creators of reality.

Alexander has been instrumental in creating impactful solutions within the DEI landscape. 

Alexander is also a facilitator, event curator, and a creatrix at his core. He is a poet and soon to be published author.

His contributions extend across diverse areas such as LGBTQ+ mutual aid, public health, community building, and intentional healing through art. As an adept event curator and clairsentient spiritual channel, Alexander lends his voice to empowering discussions.

Moreover Alexander’s commitment to his spiritual journey, rest, joy, and love is how he models unity consciousness in everything they do. 

Their engagements cover a spectrum of topics, including ethical and equitable philanthropy, the significance of employing and empowering individuals with diverse lived expertise, and the importance of heart-mind-body alignment in navigating various spaces.

Alexander is not just a speaker; they activate a frequency that inspires and uplifts while addressing critical issues with a passion that resonates.


Alexander has made a major impact on my life. And I don’t say that because he is my husband, but because the moment he came into my life, things began to shift spiritually, physically, and mentally for me. Alexander shares perspective directly from the source, and he makes sure to make it his life mission to help us remember that we all have access to that same source. Along with utilizing his lived experience in homelessness, he has played a significant role in advocating for youth, young adults, women, lgbtqia+ individuals, BIPOC communities while also reminding us all that we ALL deserve and ARE the highest vibration. LOVE. I am so blessed to have this person in my life but also have the pleasure to work with him. He is reliable, authentic, punctual, efficient, an EXCELLENT speaker and so many other things that won’t fit in this review. If you are looking to book him for any of his services, let me be the first to tell you, what he has to offer is worth so much more than any $ amount. but still, BOOK HIM ASAP

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