Call for Performers


We are seeking transmasculine folx to perform at the Taking the Stage: LGBTQ Voices Against Violence speak-out open mic in the Spring. The event will happen on A DATE TO BE ANNOUNCED (after the COVID-19 crisis), at The Outrage, 1722 14th St. NW. 

Theme: The topic is Transmasculine Survivors of Violence & Abuse. We chose The Outrage as a public, yet intimate space, with the intention that transmasculine folx feel safe enough in such a space to speak up/out about their experiences of violence and abuse including those that may have happened pre-transition — a timeline that many transmasculine folx do not share openly for reasons of stealth, privacy and/or danger.

3-5 minute slots. The mic will be open after the first 5 performers for anyone interested — on-site sign up list will be 1st come 1st served for the remaining time.

5-7 minute slots: We would like to have a small line-up of experienced performers to help set the stage as a place for authenticity and courage. If you are an experienced performer interested in one of the 5-7 minute slots on stage, please contact Christina Cappelletti at 202.682.2245 or We will offer a $50 honorarium/each for 5 transmasculine-identified performers.

Stage Host: We are also seeking a stage host, so please let us know if you have the knack for holding a safe, respectful, engaging space.



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