Statement on Gay Games 2022

The Washington DC Bid Committee is honored to be one of three finalists, along with Guadalajara (MX) and Hong Kong (CH), to be considered as the Host of Gay Games XI in 2022.

The support for this effort has been tremendous from local LGBTQ sports teams (who have donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to local charities over the years) to community groups to government entities. We are confident that if chosen, Washington, DC will host a fantastic event that will bring 12,000-15,000 athletes here to compete under the banner of “Participation, Inclusion, and Personal Best,” the motto of the Federation of Gay Games.

Part of the planning for this Bid included a pledge of support from the District government of $2M to help finance the Games. These funds would only be requested if we are successful in winning the Bid and, just like any other request, would still have to move through the regular budget process of the city. It is not uncommon for cities to invest in ventures that derive such substantial benefits.

Based on previous Games, it is estimated that this event could generate between $120M – $140M for the region. We share calls that more resources, particularly those raised through this effort, be used to combat LGBTQ homelessness and other serious issues facing our community including the larger issues of racial and social injustice. This would include any funds remaining from the event as was done in Cleveland in 2014.

The Bid Committee is also committed to working with community leaders to ensure that the Host Organization that would run the Gay Games is diverse and representative of all parts of our community.

Similarly, we are committed to developing policies that ensure sponsors of the Gay Games support the LGBTQ movement and are committed to a fairer, more just world.

The Bid Committee has always understood that sports and culture present unique opportunities to transcend differences not only in our community, but in society in general. The Gay Games are a great way to unite our voices in solidarity as we work together towards a more tolerant and accepting world.


Brent Minor
Chair, Washington DC Gay Games XI Bid Committee

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